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Server Rack
Open Rack
Wall-mount rack & Distribution box

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Item Photo Introduction
Standard server rack  

P/N: JR-SRxxUyyyBK-60

【Standard】 SERVER Rack according to the standard ANSI/EIA RS 310-C, using square hole column. Furnished all 19 inch server and network equipment, the rack standards for the wide of 60 cm, the depth of 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm and 90 cm for choosing.

Widening server rack  

P/N: JR-SRxxUyyyBK-80


Two post Open Rack  

P/N: JR-H-SOP45U-19


Vertical cable management  


The type of vertical slot line accorded with UL -94 V - 0 flame retardant plastic molding design, with a finger slot 1 U way of modularization, card into the system of steel trough, shelf equipment per 1 U can correspond to each second side refers to the type slot 1 hole, and U for corresponding contour. The door can be left open, right or entire door plank down design make the cable management more convenient.

Wall mount rack  

P/N: JR-10U50

Wall-mounted chassis conforms to ANSI/EIA RS 310-C, aluminum alloy manufacturing. Qualitative light, anti-rust, durable and use in accordance with the requirements to provide 6U,8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U different heights. The case depth has 47 and 60 cm can choose.

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